The quality of aniline hides, our patina finishes that create the Vintage leather aesthetic and our attention to detail are what separates us from the copyists and the imitators. The richness of colour and texture and the luxuriously soft handle are the hallmark of excellence.

Each piece of leather is subjected to a process involving many stages to achieve the required luster, handle, and aesthetic. There is no mechanization to the process; this guarantee’s that each hide has an individuality that only human touch and sensibility can achieve. This is the secret of our vintage leathers and the wonderful, deconstruct patina.

An Introduction to our Established Leathers

Vintage Cigar was our first leather to be launched on the market. “Vintage” is the gentlemens leather, replete with the perfect patina, the handle of aged leather, are reminiscent of the furniture that creates the ambience of an English Gentleman’s club.

Also available in Vintage Ebony

Old Saddle Nut is a full aniline wax pull up hide that has a distinct vintage feel with a slightly worn sheen. The deconstructed patina falls between our “Vintage” and “Biker leather”, with a soft handle and a modicum of distress, like a favourite pair of riding boots or saddle.

Also available in Old Saddle Nut, Old Saddle Coco and  Old Saddle Black.

Biker Tan The different tonal patterns, and white highlights are the result of hand-finishing techniques, giving the leather a look and feel of an old biker jacket, worn, distressed and aged with a soft lived in handle.

Also available in Biker Dark Brown

Antique Whiskey has an outstanding vintage patina finish that is designed to age and discolour with daily wear and tear enhancing the look of a favoured, cherished piece that has adapted the individuality of its owners.

Also available in Antique Tobacco

Big Croco are full aniline leathers that have been embossed with our signature crocodile pattern, the look is classic sophistication.

Moo Black and White has been selected for the quality of the pattern and the contrast between the lightest and darkest fur fibers. The upholstered effect is a striking contemporary statement.

Also available in Moo Brown and White

Matador is a leather full of character, bearing the natural scars and wrinkles of the hide. “Bull”, in the similar vain as Matador retains the natural elements of the leather, but is enhanced with a tri-tone treatment giving way to shades of red, yellowish brown and dark brown. Both of the leathers are full grain, aniline with a natural pebble grain handle and a thickness of 1.4/1.6 mm, our thickest leather available today.